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This Week In The Kitchen Garden : The Potting Shed Relocation

Delighted to report that all the young seedlings that we planted out last week have survived, and we couldn't have been more thankful for the warmer weather we've been having. Lots of watering plus the heat has been such a lovely start to outside life for our young plants.

This week has been a big one in terms of the over-all aesthetic of our smaller kitchen garden with the relocation of the potting shed and moving it within the kitchen garden itself.

In another life, the potting shed was used as a cafe for our equestrian centre but it was no longer required in that role so it returned to the life it was initially intended for, growing seedlings. The only trouble was it was on the other side of the carpark from where we needed it to be so a plan was made for the move.

You'd think that would be a simple exercise, but as we've learned from almost 10 years of owning and living here at Fossoway Stables, every 'easy' or 'quick' or 'inexpensive' job takes a lot more effort, double the time and double the expense than we had originally thought. Moving the shed was no different and having underestimated how heavy each panel was, it was a job and a half to dismantle, move and re-build it in its new home!

However, the move was successful and it now sits, pride of place in the kitchen garden at the front of the property and it's been the perfect opportunity to go through what is stored in it and generally tidy it all out. A satisfying and rewarding job!

In terms of further landscaping, this week we re-gravelled all the paths in the kitchen garden and also gravelled the area surrounding the potting shed and around what was a grassy area within the kitchen garden boundary. It's starting to look much tidier now and we're delighted with the work of our landscaper, Jason and his team.

Of course, there was the on-going weeding to keep the beds clear for the vegetable plants to thrive and we managed to plant out even more of the seedlings started in the potting shed. After a slow start in the kitchen garden this year, it feels as though things are really moving now.

Until next week ...


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