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One of the areas of the property in which we've taken a great interest in over the years, is our kitchen garden... designed to produce delicious and nutritious food that's bursting with flavour and goodness.

We follow an organic, no-dig philosophy in growing our produce and, although we're yet to be able to use the organic stamp of approval officially, we have started the process of conversion and have followed those principles for years.


We fortify our soil with home-produced compost courtesy of the horses, sheep, goats and chickens as well as kitchen left-overs from our homes, lots of green waste from the gardens and land, and a touch of ash from the fire.

Our aim is to produce wonderfully tasty, seasonal produce without the use of chemicals to use in our cooking and nourish our bodies. Though this has primarily been a personal project, our hope is that over the next few years, we'll have developed a system where we can produce enough to cater for you all in our future farm shop and cafe.

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