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This Week In The Kitchen Garden : Planting Up The Outside Beds

I know we are not alone here at Fossoway Stables when I say we’ve had perhaps one of the coldest Mays in a good few years! By now, we‘d normally have all our seeds and seedlings planted out in the outside beds and they’d have had a good month or so of growth. This week has seen the first of our planting out and we can’t help but worry about the length of the growing season we’re going to get this year.

Even as we planted out our seed potatoes, onion sets and peas, the wind was up, the air was cold and it felt more like March rather than May. Thankfully we had some warmer weather towards the end of the week when we moved our pumpkins, courgettes and artichokes outside! Fingers crossed for some much needed warmth in the next few weeks!

We still have lots to move from the potting shed to the outdoor beds over the next week or so but its nice to see the beds start to take shape and clear a bit of space on the potting shed shelves!

In preparation for planting, we took delivery of 10 tonnes of organic mushroom compost from a local supplier a few weeks back and topped up all our vegetable beds. It looks and smells fantastic and it’s provided an incredibly nutritious planting medium for our vegetables ... we can‘t wait to see how they develop in there!

Inside the poly tunnel and on the potting shed shelves we have an abundance of tomato, pepper and cucumber plants that are all thriving, a variety of essential herbs and tonnes of salad and lettuce leaves that we keep sowing, cutting and eating! It’s all go and lovely to have sone produce to harvest already.

Keeping everything crossed for a successful transition outside for all our little seedlings!

Until next week.....


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