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Welcome to our Brand New website....

.... and our very first blog post!

This website has been a project that we've been working on for some time - planning the layout, the content we will share and more over-archingly, what it is we want to say.

Some of you who have landed on this blog post may be our friends or family, others of you may have only just stumbled upon us. Regardless of how well we know each other currently, we hope that within the pages of this website and through the articles we publish on this blog, you'll discover our hopes and motivations for, and our learnings from living in harmony with this beautiful part of Perthshire countryside that we get to call home.

We'll share with you our plans, the journey we go on to turn those plans into realities, what we're doing in our kitchen gardens, then how we're using the produce in our cooking, tips for keeping animals, growing and arranging cut flowers, things to do and places to visit nearby when you come to stay ... even ideas for getting your children engaged in the outdoors. There's lots to share!

We won't always get it right. Life here at Fossoway Stables is varied, often busy and not always as picture-perfect as it may seem, but what we're learning is that all that's required of any of us is that we dream big, look for the opportunities and do the best we can. Without doubt often the best learning comes from struggle and challenge and for that, we are thankful. That's a journey we want to share with you; our friends and our supporters.

Despite being here now for 9 years, we really are at the very beginning of making Fossoway Stables into what we want it to be. There is lots more still to come and we hope, you find a way to connect with us through one of our businesses, initiatives, events or simply, through the pages of this site.

We'd love to know what your first impressions are of the site... are we missing some information you'd like to see? Any suggestions for the kind of article you'd like to read?

To get you started, we recommend reading the OUR STORY page on the site to get a true idea of what we're trying to do here at Fossoway Stables.

Until next time!

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