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Lessons from Storm Babet

It was all hands to the deck last weekend as we cleared the mess that Storm Babet left behind.

Although we were really lucky compared to so many, we still had a bit of damage to repair, fences to fix, fallen trees to move, the sheep and goat shelter to put back together and the kid's trampoline to dismantle after it was well and truly broken this time.

Charlie, our very handy handy-man had plenty to keep him busy and the rest of us were busy sweeping up and returning wheelbarrows, plant pots and buckets to their rightful place in between doing all the normal daily tasks.

It's easy to get frustrated and despondent when, despite your best efforts and working hard to stay on top of the ever-increasing to do list, you finish your day behind where you started and what you've worked hard to nurture and create is damaged.

It got us thinking that there's maybe a more helpful way to view it.

Even what may appear as something unwanted or scary or damaging may still actually be a timely gift.

Sounds doubtful right? Here us out though ...

Once the preparations are made, a storm coming through requires you to simply hunker down and wait, theres nothing you can do to stop it. While the winds howl noisily, the storm brings with it an enforced period of quiet inactivity allowing for the preservation of energy needed for the clean up to follow.

Once the storm has passed, we assess the damage and what is exposed are our weaknesses. We see more clearly than normal what needs our attention and strengthened for the future as well as being given the opportunity to consider what might be ready to discard and make way for new ideas anyway.

Isn't that kind of beautiful? And also a metaphor for what life throws in our path as we try to navigate it?

Last Saturday, while we busied ourselves with the clean up, we were treated to the most glorious afternoon of sunshine which felt like a little reward for our efforts and hope for what's to come.

~ Fossoway Stables ~

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