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Karen's Corner 15.02.24

Welcome back to this week’s Karen’s Corner! Join me here each week to catch up with what I’ve been up to both in and out of work and what I’ve been loving and connect with me on Instagram

Karen xx


I’ve not much to report work-wise this week as I’ve been battling a horrible bug and just managed to do what was needed rather than making any progress. Some weeks are just like that and I’ve learned to make peace with that. There are huge benefits to working for yourself but not having cover for yourself when you’re sick is one of the pitfalls … the jobs no-one else can do still need done. Thankfully I’m on the mend now. 

I did manage to make it down to London for a few nights earlier in the week to see the last night of Transatlantic Sessions at the Royal Festival Hall which was wonderful and a lovely backstage get-together after the concert where I got to meet Bill Paterson. I’m a massive fan of Fleabag (like everyone else!) so I was very excited to get to say hello and get a selfie like the proper fan-girl that I am!

The following day we went for a big walk around London and a grabbed a salad in a restaurant on the South Bank then at night we had the hot ticket for Plaza Suite with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick which was such a fun way to spend a few hours. I highly recommend it if you can get your hands on any tickets now that they’ve extended the run.

When I got home it was straight into half-term and John and I had booked to take the kids up to Aviemore for a few days. Aviemore is such a great place for a family break and we’ve had lots of wonderful long weekends there but I got it really wrong this time. The hotel I booked looked great online but the reality was very different and Landmark, an outdoor adventure park which is normally a total hit with the kids was a bit of a let-down due to so many of the attractions being closed on account of it being the winter season. We decided to head home after only one night and have a day chilling at Fossoway with the animals instead.

That brings us to tonight, and me sitting in the bar in The Forager - a lovely restaurant near us in Dollar. Callan, who’s 10, is taking his girlfriend Elsie (also 10) out for a Valentine’s dinner so they’re upstairs ordering 3 courses and mocktails! It’s the cutest thing ever!

This next 7 days will hopefully be far more productive in terms of work. I have an enormous to do list to be getting on with including some tidying up around the estate, an appointment with the electrician to get the cafe operational, more planning around all the new projects, some strategising to do about staffing on the yard when the lovely Rosa leaves us later in the month and of course, the endless admin. I also have some social media planning/filming/editing to do down south mid-week for Everything & Nothing so I’ll hopefully have loads to report back on next week! Hope you all have a good one!

A FEW THINGS I’VE BEEN LOVING (and think you might too ….)

  • LEMSIP (the blackcurrant one) - It’s a bit of a stretch but I'm sat here thinking what HAVE I loved this week and Lempsip has featured heavily in the last 7 days! It, along with a concoction of other meds, has got me through this last week! I definitely wouldn’t choose to drink it if I was well and if I could taste anything, but I’m very thankful for it this week.

  • VALENTINE’S DAY - I’m normally a bit cynical around valentine’s day but this year, I reckon any excuse to celebrate love should be encouraged. I hope you were all surrounded by love in any of it’s forms this Valentines.

  • BEING AROUND ‘CAN-DO’ PEOPLE - It’s a no-brainer that spending time with positive people who make things happen inspires you to do the same and I’m really appreciating that at the moment. I believe we can make a choice about how we respond to the energy around us but there’s no doubt that it’s easier to respond positively when you have people around you who see possibilities and are solution-orientated. I think it’s a good thing to curate a network of positive and inspiring people around you.

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