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Karen's Corner - 14.04.24

Welcome back to this week’s Karen’s Corner! Join me here each week to catch up with what I’ve been up to both in and out of work and what I’ve been loving and connect with me on Instagram

Karen xx


As another calendar week closes, again I need to check my diary to actually remember what I’ve done! If I were to put a positive spin on that, I’d say it’s because I’m just so damn productive, the sheer number of achievements are hard to recall … yeah, let’s go with that!

It’s been full-on with the day-to-day jobs and tasks that are required to keep all the plates spinning - emails, stables, cleaning, trips to the supermarket, mum-taxi runs etc, etc. John and I got some time to work on Everything & Nothing which felt good and it’s been great to also carve out some time to make a little much-needed progress around the estate. 

We had Charlie come and help us around The Potting Shed yesterday which always feels like we have more than just one extra pair of hands - he’s big and strong and fast so we got through much more than we’d thought we would. Working on the land, it’s very rare that it happens that way around - our usual vibe is that we think we’re capable of making more progress than we are able. It’s a real treat when we exceed our expectations!

It’s interesting that, isn’t it? Our feelings of achievement (or lack thereof) are maybe less about what or how much of something we get done, but rather how the output relates to our expectations. That theme seems to be showing up in my life a fair bit recently so it’s definitely something I need to be looking at. I’m just not sure lowering expectations feels like a particularly positive move … Hmm, I’ll have to give that some thought this week!

I’ve been really thinking about the three core principles that guide everything we do here at Fossoway Stables lately - HARMONY, NURTURE and SUSTAINABILITY. We knew when we bought Fossoway Stables, almost 13 years ago, that we’d never be short of ideas or opportunities to develop the property and we wanted very clear filters to be able to put every idea through to ensure we stayed on track in creating this life that we dreamed of.

These principles have served us well, I think, and they have made making the millions of decisions we’ve made infinitely easier. Though we’ve made a start, we still have SO much progress to make around sustainability (and even to consider what that means to us outside of our impact on the environment) but I’m not sure that myself, mum or dad would necessarily describe our lives as harmonious or nurturing. Personally, I’ve made massive changes in my life over the last year or so that have made me so happy and content but work-wise, things are still a bit chaotic and out of balance.

The three of us went out for dinner last night and, as we do, we end up chatting about everything that Fossoway Stables is and what our plans are for it. I’m very aware that in their retirement, mum and dad are working harder (particularly physically) than they ever have before and the toll that that’s taking on them is considerable. I don’t like that they are burdened with that responsibility so perhaps more than ever, I’m determined to make better decisions and structure Fossoway Stables, the business, in a way that we all can have far more harmony in our days.

So, it’s back to the business of wondering, dreaming, planning and plotting - It’s this kind of development work that really love … What can I change or introduce that can help us live these core principles more fully? How can I inspire everyone who works from and visits Fossoway Stables to contribute to a space that can sustain and nurture us all? In which ways can I promote and encourage harmony in all our work and interactions?

All those questions brings me to the end of this week’s blog! I’ll be pondering all of them over the next 7 days but please, answers on a postcard if any of you have some ideas or insight! Also thought I’d try a new wee footnote sharing with you my favourite podcast episode, what I’m reading and anything good I’ve see on TV … enjoy!

K xx

PODCAST OF THE WEEK - I’ve recently found the incredible Grace Beverley and I’m loving her podcast ‘Working Hard, Hardly Working’. There are loads of great episodes in there but this week, I really loved her conversation with Aimee Smale from Odd Muse. I love the story of how she’s built her brand from nothing, her bold moves and her ability to own the mistakes she’s made without shame. Definitely worth a listen, particularly if you are (or thinking about being) in business. 

WHAT I’M READING RIGHT NOW - I’ve literally just started reading ‘Key Person of Influence’ by Daniel Priestley … I’d ordered it after listening to him on another podcast then being inundated with ads about him on all my social media channels! I’m enjoying it so far and interested to learn what I can from it.

WHAT I’VE BEEN WATCHING  - John and I watched Scoop on Netflix the other night and it was good. For those you who don’t know, it’s a dramatisation of the Prince Andrew interview, from the point of view of the BBC producer. I’ve heard there’s another one coming out from the point of view of Emily Maitlis, the interviewer so I’m particularly keen to watch that too and see what the differences are. Worth an hour and a half off your time if you’re looking for something to watch.

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