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Karen's Corner - 07.04.24

Updated: Apr 14

Welcome back to this week’s Karen’s Corner! Join me here each week to catch up with what I’ve been up to both in and out of work and what I’ve been loving and connect with me on Instagram

Karen xx


David Allen got it spot on when he said “You can do anything but you can’t do everything”  and I’m feeling the effects of trying to prove him wrong this week!

When one of our yard team members left at the start of March, and I had to take on that role, I knew things were going to get really busy for a while. Squeezing an extra 30 hours of work into my already full working week looked doable on paper but the reality has been much harder on both my physical and mental energy than I had imagined. I am way over my capacity at the moment - all progress on any of the projects has stopped, I’m doing the essential tasks required to keep things moving but doing nothing particularly well. I’ve had to postpone new projects which never makes me very happy, there have been issues on the yard which have been unnecessary and unpleasant, the weather hasn’t been co-operating and I’m finishing each day empty. 

I’ve been here before - over-scheduling myself isn’t a new problem for me - but, over the last year or so,  I’d finally got my life in balance with space to rest, create, and do all the things that I know make me feel good like cooking good food, gentle exercise and keeping the house clean and tidy. 

I don’t know about you, but when things get busy, I need those things more than ever. Sadly, at precisely the time you are without the time or energy to make them happen.

This is only temporary however. When the weather decides to improve, the horses can go out in the fields for the summer months and the workload will reduce considerably. At that point I can find balance once again and then take time to consider how I could structure the livery yard in a way that is sustainable in terms of workload and finances. Right now, it isn’t that and, 1. I don’t want to make any decisions when I’m in the midst of chaos and 2.  I don’t want to recruit any more people into something that isn’t working - some work needs to be done first.

I know that much of the frustration I’m experiencing at the moment, is due to me not quite being willing to let go of the expectations I had for this spring. Having a wee plan like that is helpful in that I can keep my eyes on the moment when I get to take a but of a break and assess where I’m at with this part of the business. I also need to let myself off the hook and accept that it is necessary to delay certain projects and that I’m doing the best I can with the set of circumstances I currently have. That’s life right?

So, I’ve had to put a pin in some of the new projects for another few weeks while the yard, Fossoplay admin and the lodge require all my time. Mum and Dad have been amazing getting bits done around the Potting Shed this week - I feel more than a little guilty that I have no capacity to help at the moment. I’ll be back with more news about the new stuff really soon hopefully.

Outside of work, the kids have been enjoying their easter break - eating lots of chocolate eggs, hanging with their friends, playing football (Callan) and doing skincare (Cora). John and I had a gorgeous walk around the village in the Easter Sunday sunshine which felt like a little tease of the nicer weather to come - I think we’re all ready for that! 

Today, I’m taking the kids to clip n climb then John and I are going to go see Tommy Tiernan in Edinburgh which will be really lovely. The week ahead looks much the same as the last one … I have the yard covered Monday and Tuesday which I need to take full advantage of because, with more staff holidays, I start another 11 day stint on Wednesday. I’m really trying not to think about right now!

K xx

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