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Autumn - The Season of Transformation

One of the joys of living a life so closely linked to nature here at Fossoway Stables, is I’m reminded daily that I’m an inextricable part of it.

All year round I can feel myself mirror the seasonal patterns of nature; growth - accomplishment - review and rest but Autumn is perhaps the most visible season of transformation as our landscape changes colour and shape so boldly.

The crops are dying back, the leaves on the trees are turning then falling ready to nourish the soil beneath them, the animals are shedding their summer coats and growing new warmer outfits all in preparation for the colder months ahead, and I realise I’m doing the same thing.

As the days become shorter and colder we retreat inwards - both physically, into our homes and metaphorically, into ourselves for a sense of stillness and reflection that the busy summer months cannot afford us in the same way.

My daily to do list is full to the brim of tidying-up jobs, stocking up for the leaner months and planning for next year’s efforts. I’m motivated to reflect and take stock of all the productivity of the year, assess what’s worked and what needs tweaking for next season and I’m also, always, awestruck at what thrives in nature without any intervention at all.

Autumn brings with it a new menu of foods and flavours for us to enjoy. The kitchen garden here at Fossoway Stables is now serving up all the delicious, rich and hearty root vegetables that our bodies crave, leaving behind the fresh and light summer salads we’ve been loving for the past few months until next year. Hotpots, chillis, pies and warming soups are now exactly what we need and nature provides this with zest.

This time of the year we’re collecting in on our efforts earlier in the season with gluts of all sorts of produce. This reminds us to be thankful for all that we have, to share with our friends and family and take the time to slow down and recover. The rest of nature knows how to do that last part really well but we as human beings have seemingly forgotten the value of the fallow periods.

Let’s remind ourselves that we, as part of nature, need to take the time to recover and renew too.

Karen Anderson

Fossoway Stables

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