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A Day In The Life of Fossoway Stables - Autumn Edition

As the seasons change here at Fossoway Stables, so do the needs of the estate, the animals we share it with, and our daily routines. We’re now well into October, it’s starting to look and feel very autumnal and our jobs turn more restorative in nature.

Every day is a little different than the one before but here’s a typical day here at Fossoway Stables in October 2023…

7am - As the sun starts to peak above the horizon, for those of us who live here on site, we’re rising from our beds, stretching and putting our kettles on for the day’s first cup of tea or coffee.

8am - Down in the stables, our fabulous yard team arrive and it’s time for the horses, sheep and goats to get their breakfast and be taken out to their fields and paddocks for the day. Our Fossoway Flock of (mostly) rescued hens are scratching around outside for whatever treats they can find and Moira is out feeding the wild birds and squirrels who live in the woodland behind her and Gordon’s house.

8.20am - The FossoPLAY team arrive and start to prepare the nursery site for our little adventurers and explorers. The yurt is unlocked, the fires are lit and resources are laid out ready for the day’s activities.

8.30am - The nursery is open and one by one, the children arrive for a day of fun and learning in the woods! The car park is a really busy place at this time of the day but there are always lots of smiles as the children are excited to start their day and say hello to the animals on their walk up to the nursery site.

9am - 12 noon Back at the stables, the horses’s beds are being mucked out, feeds are being prepared and the yard is being swept so that everything is beautifully presented for our lovely livery clients to enjoy as they come and go throughout the day. Karen is at her desk responding to enquires, working on new projects and creating content for the websites and socials for all the different parts of the business. Gordon can often be seen cutting grass or doing other outdoor maintenance jobs in the mornings and Moira is busy harvesting delicious vegetables in the kitchen garden and preparing that day’s meal.

10am - Often, the Lodge needs turned over as one guest leaves and another arrives so the bed is stripped, everything is cleaned and wiped down and all the consumables are replaced and topped up. It’s always lovely to see the Lodge all clean and tidy ready for it’s next guest.

12 noon - Lunchtime at the nursery and for those children who have half day sessions, they’re either getting ready to arrive or go home for the day. This shifts the energy at the nursery site and new activities will start in the afternoon.

1pm - At the stables, Karen starts riding and coaching while the rest of the team work their way through the many jobs like tack cleaning, rug cleaning and poo-picking.

3pm - New Lodge guests arrive and are welcomed into their holiday accommodation while the yard team start to bring the horses in, give them a groom and tuck them up for the night.

4.30pm - Nursery parents start to arrive to collect their little ones after a day of play and again, the carpark is a busy space with people coming and going.

5pm - The horses, sheep and goats are given their evening feeds and tucked up for the night inside the barns. The hens also make their way inside the barn to roost after their busy days patrolling the property. Our yard team head home for a well-earned night of rest.

5.30pm. - The nursery closes it’s metaphorical doors for the day, the fires are put out and everything is cleaned and tidied away ready for tomorrow.

6pm - 9pm - Some more of our lovely liveries pop in to see and ride their horses before Karen gives them one last check for the day, making sure everything is locked, turns off the lights and wishes everyone a “good night.”

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